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Library Services: Faculty / Instructors

Services for Faculty, Students, Distance & Online Students, Community Borrowers, AHCOTE, UNBC

Faculty /Instructors

Schedule a library orientation with the Regional Librarian any time during the academic year!

These online sessions are generally a maximum of 90 minutes long (time  & topics are negotiable) and cover information about the library, how to use the library catalogue, library resources, and library databases. 

Sessions also touch on searching the Internet, citations and plagiarism.

Please contact your Regional Librarian, Dawna Turcotte, directly, to book a session.

Email: or contact me on MSTeams.


As Library staff are working remotely and only provide contactless checkouts and scanning on site, on demand, we are unable to serve as a place for faculty and students to drop off and pick up exams, projects, and other papers at this time.

The Reserves collections at the Dawson Creek and Fort St. John campuses serve as a means to provide speedy and timely access to course-related materials in heavy demand. Tighter controls, in-library use or shorter loan periods and higher fines for overdues work towards ensuring equitable access.

Faculty may request that Library materials be placed in the Reserves collection for each term that their course is offered.

Due to space restraints, only materials required by all students in the course will be considered.

The Library reserves the right to limit the number of items on Reserve for any one course.


  1. Books or videos from the Library stacks. If new books are to be purchased by the Library for Reserve, please give 4-6 weeks notice.
  2. Photocopies of journal articles or a limited number of pages from a book may be placed on Reserve. Faculty are requested to provide the binder or folder to hold these items. Please ensure that all relevant information is included e.g. author, title, vol./issue/date of journals, etc. Only 1 copy of a journal article may be placed on Reserve unless copyright clearance has been received from the publisher.
  3. Personal material supplied by the faculty member may be placed on Reserve. The Library is not responsible for materials damaged or lost, although we will bill the borrower as for Library materials.


Please specify the loan period when placing materials on Reserve. Presently, we have an automatic 2 day loan period for course reserves. The material is to be returned on the due date & quarantined for 72 hours, before another patron can borrow it.


  • In-Library use only (4 hour loans)
  • 1 day - no renewals
  • 3 days - no renewals
  • 1 week - no renewals



The library purchases supplementary course materials (books, dvds, etc.), depending on the costs of items, to add to the Library collections. 

If you would like relevant, supplementary materials added to all or any of the library collections in DC or FSJ, please contact your Regional LIbrarian, Dawna Turcotte with suggestions or inquiries. Purchases are done on a first come, first served basis.

The library does not purchase required textbooks or class sets.

Northern Lights College has a Feature Film Entertainment License from  Audio Cine Films (ACF) and Criterion which cover the Public Performance of selected feature films for entertainment and non-educational purposes on College premises.

Admission may not be charged.

The PPR license covers any showing of films as long as the video is legally obtained, for eg: the Library's collection, the instructor's personal collection, or a video rental store.

Films may be viewed in the classroom directly from the source or linked in D2L

Using material that has been copied, dubbed from broadcast or cable, or transferred from another copy, or illegally downloaded, is prohibited & not covered by the License. 

.For more information:  BC Electronic Library Network (BC ELN) - Feature Film Public Performance Rights - Criterion and  Audio Cine Films (ACF).

To check whether a particular feature film is covered by the license, contact

NOTE:  Restrictions applied by licenses or contracts will take precedence over legislative allowances.



Faculty and staff may book films from any campus collection for specific dates to show in their classrooms. Northern Lights College is also a member of MEC, the Media Exchange Cooperative, which allows bookings of videos from participating B.C. college or university libraries. However, we are unable to borrow videos from other institutions at this time.

Since videos circulate for various time periods to library borrower, it is important to make your bookings as far in advance as possible (at least two weeks) to ensure availability at the time you need it.

Note that these services do not include renting videos from local video stores to show in the classroom. For this service, see the Feature Film License policies.

Please note that, due to licensing agreements, etc. not all videos in other library catalogues may be available to borrow. Unauthorized copying or duplicating, or other showing of videos outside the classroom is prohibited by law and carries stiff penalties.


Videos may also be borrowed from libraries or from the distributors (e.g. Criterion, Audio-Cine, NFB) for previewing. Borrowing from other libraries is free of charge to you. However, most distributors charge a fee and this cost must be borne by the faculty member or department. For more information, call the Coordinator of Library Services at ext. 1251.