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Welcome to the Research Guide for Social Work

Social workers apply their skills to a wide range of concerns. People most often associate social work with services to the disadvantaged members of society. That is only one dimension of their work. Social workers also work with people with physical or mental health concerns, with families in crisis, street youth, seniors, criminal offenders, victims of trauma, and so on.

Working with individuals, families and groups, however, is only part of the picture. Many social workers work on a larger scale, providing services to improve social conditions and plan for better communities. Others are trained in social policy and work to plan or improve social programs and benefits for the nation’s or province’s citizens. Many social workers specialize in research, studying such problems as those related to family issues, child abuse, poverty and unemployment.” British Columbia Association of Social Workers

Northern Lights College offers a Social Service Diploma Program, plus 2 additional courses: SOWK 200 - Introduction to Social Work Practice, and SOWK 201 - Introduction to Social Welfare

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